Team Members:

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Lina Collado

Lina studied Modern Languages at the University of Puerto Rico and spent a semester abroad at the Università degli Studi di Urbino in Urbino, Italy, before earning her B.F.A. in Visual Communications.  Lina earned her M.F.A. in Film with a concentration in Screenwriting/Production at Columbia University, School of Arts. Lina has worked as a photographer, environmentalist, and videographer for many not-for-profit organizations in Puerto Rico and in Jackson, WY.  Lina currently lives in Jackson, Wyoming, where she worked as a Marketing Coordinator and photographer in 2013 and 2015 for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Lina has been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine 2013, The Outdoor Journal, Matador Network, Exposure 2012/2015 Art Book & Gallery Selections and received several front page publications for JH News & Guide. In the last year, she has also had her third exhibition in Jackson and gallery selections exhibited in L'ouvre, Paris. For the 2017 expedition, Lina will act as Program Director.

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Isabel Carolina Ferré Sadurní

Isabel is currently an undergraduate student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, while also completing a minor in Environmental Studies. Isabel has an immense appreciation for nature's beauty, symmetry and balance, and people's cultures and stories. The interconnectedness of her disciplines drives her to understand the interdependent relationship humans and nature have in our world. As an emerging anthropologist and photojournalist, Isabel is an introspective, passionate soul who takes the world through the senses by traveling, exploring and immersing herself in nature and new cultures, Isabel's mission is to try her best to conserve and protect both, cultures and nature by portraying planet's beauty through her creativity and passion: photography. For The Makineri Journal, 2018 expedition, Isabel will join the project as the Program Manager.

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Rebecca Wolff

Rebecca is a researcher, cultural anthropologist and explorer. She has worked in the Andean and Amazonian regions of Peru for the past four years, looking at themes of Indigenous health and the effects of climate change on communities. In 2014 Rebecca was named a National Geographic Young Explorer, receiving funding for a project on how Shawi communities perceive causes of waterborne illness, and relationships with land and water. Her research continues to focus on making healthcare more culturally appropriate for Peruvian and Canadian communities. She is a Consultant for the 2016 Manú Project and for The Makineri Journal 2018 expedition.